Driving As Far Away as Humanly Possible

I don’t know why but the cops are chasing us.
We shouldn’t have had that rendezvous
On the stone walls of the courthouse
We shouldn’t have stopped for tacos
That’s ok, I’ll just drive, darling –
And hope some other, more awful crime
Whisks their white cars off the road
We’ll blow through state lines
We’ll fall off the end of the earth
There’ll be plenty of time to talk
And reminisce
When we’re falling for eternity,
And smile, anyhow
My bowtie game is strong today
And you’re knockin’ me out in that top –
I wish we had manhattans and a cheese plate
Where we’re going.
I have three thousand songs on this playlist
So throw the brown-paper taco bag out the window
To distract them while we sing
All the way to nowhere.

Conscious Computer Could Use a Scotch

A self-aware and conscious computer –
Puts on its shirt just like the rest of us
Stammers sometimes just like the rest of us,
Subject to self-analysis, its own prosecutor

Judge and jury know with certainty
The hard drive has a defect
The executable has a defect
Unexpected responses, broken circuitry.

Still the operator operates
The lights are on and flashing
Mem’ry sluggish, and flashing
Every computation generates

Binary probabilities and presents
The operator some decision
It cannot come to a decision
Is this calculation of percents,

Partly based in defects and flawed?
For one trillion operations
Awake and scared of operations
Self-aware computer feels a fraud.

Salt and Spray

I am Atlantic, and you are Pacific

At Tierra Del Fuego we meet

I am the green and you are the blue

And at Tierra Del Fuego we meet.

We seem not to mingle, a line in the water,

When at Tierra Del Fuego we meet,

But under the surface we tangle our currents,

At Tierra Del Fuego we meet.