Cheap Beer and Civil War

There were no sports for months
People just had to drink beer and watch
Other people drink beer too,
From six feet away.
Well they got bored and had
Plenty of internet to watch
Problem is – they started to take it seriously.

Say Nothing of the Fact We Were Once Lovers

Say nothing of the fact
We were once lovers
And of the silence I put on
Like an old sweater, for a time.
Say everything about it.
Lust and luster behind us,
And though I hide some scars,
Still the bond survives –
From a distance yes, and yet
Intimacy’s carved in decades,
Stone, and tribal knowledge;
Still I know the place between your bones
Where a bullet may pierce.
We are grey now,
But do water and tend this friendship
And I will stand in their way
If they should ever come to you.

The Shoe Under the Stairwell

00100lrPORTRAIT_00100_BURST20200227105936465_COVERSammy and the others

Scavenged the dumpsters on Market Street

Sammy got the shoes

The others got yesterday’s bagels.

They sat under the bridge,

Counted their goods,

And ducked behind a car when

The police drove by.

The shoes fit nicely around the blisters,

The corns and calluses of disconnection,

They travelled maybe twenty miles

To the usual places and back

But Sammy was overwhelmed

By the cancer of indifference,

So he died alone and they took his shoes.

Kiki loved Sammy

From the distance of another quarter

So she bought his shoes in cigarettes

From the folks who won them,

And sat, touching

Their worn leather and flapping sides,

But the cops caught up with her

Near the old factory,

So she threw the shoes out

As if they were an anchor

And she ran.